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PowerPoint Level 1

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint

Topic 1A: Identify the Elements of the User Interface

Topic 1B: View Presentations

Topic 1C: Save a Presentation

Topic 1D: Use Microsoft PowerPoint Help


Lesson 2: Creating a Basic Presentation

Topic 2A: Select a Presentation Type

Topic 2B: Enter Text

Topic 2C: Edit Text

Topic 2D: Format Text Placeholders

Topic 2E: Add Slides to a Presentation

Topic 2F: Arrange Slides

Topic 2G: Work with Themes


Lesson 3: Formatting Text on Slides

Topic 3A: Apply Character Formats

Topic 3B: Format Paragraphs


Lesson 4: Adding Graphical Objects to a Presentation

Topic 4A: Insert Images into a Presentation

Topic 4B: Add Shapes

Topic 4C: Add Visual Styles to the Text in a Presentation


Lesson 5: Modifying Graphical Objects in a Presentation

Topic 5A: Edit Graphical Objects

Topic 5B: Format Graphical Objects

Topic 5C: Group Graphical Objects on a Slide

Topic 5D: Arrange Graphical Objects on a Slide

Topic 5E: Apply Animation Effects


Lesson 6: Working with Tables

Topic 6A: Insert a Table

Topic 6B: Format Tables

Topic 6C: Import Tables from Other Microsoft Office Applications


Lesson 7: Working with Charts

Topic 7A: Insert Charts

Topic 7B: Modify a Chart

Topic 7C: Import Charts from Other Microsoft Office Applications


Lesson 8: Preparing to Deliver a Presentation

Topic 8A: Review the Content in a Presentation

Topic 8B: Divide a Presentation into Sections

Topic 8C: Add Transitions

Topic 8D: Add Speaker Notes

Topic 8E: Print a Presentation

Topic 8F: Deliver a Presentation