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Unix/Linux Level 1

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction (Day 1)

Computer Classification

Introduction to the UNIX Operating System

Logging into the UNIX System

Logging Out

Establishing and Changing User Passwords

Desktop Utilities

Unix Commands and Proper Syntax

Clearing the Terminal Screen   Displaying the Date and Time on the Screen

Printing a Message on the Screen

Printing a Message in Large Type on the Screen

Displaying a Calendar of a Specified Month or Year

Performing Calculator Functions Within UNIX

Interactive Communication Between Two Users

Turning Off and On Monitor Permissions


Lesson 2: The UNIX File Structure (Day 2)

Files and directories

The Hierarchical File Structure of UNIX

Identifying Where You Are in the File Structure

Moving Around the File Structure

Creating a Text File

Viewing the Contents of a File

Determing a File’s Type

Creating a Directory

Moving and Renaming a File

Making a Copy of a File

Removing Files and Directories

Linking a File to Another File

Entering Multiple Commands


Re-directing Input and Output


Sorting File Content

Word Count


Comparing File Content


Lesson 3: Text Processing (Day 3)


Adding Text and Saving File Content

Cursor Movement

Text Input Commands

Basic Editing

Searching for Text

Modifying Text

Repeating and Undoing Commands

Splitting and Joining Lines of Text

Refreshing the Screen

ex commands

Customizing the editor


Lesson 4: Customizing the Login Environment (Day 3)

The Login Procedure

Assigning Shell Variables

Displaying Current Shell Variables with Values

.profile commands


Lesson 5: Printing (Day 3)

Formatting Output to Screen or Printer

Printing to a Line Printer

The Print Spooler


Lesson 6: Multiuser and Multiprocessing Issues (Day 3)

Identifying System Users


Changing File Permissions

Changing File Ownership

Changing Groups

Simple Shell Scripts

Managing UNIX Processes