Database Management

Microsoft Access and Excel databases are areas in which we specialize. If you find yourself inundated by mountains of wayward data, let us help. A partial list of satisfied customers includes:

  • AT&T
  • CenturyLink (Formally Qwest Communications)
  • Globus and Cosmos Travel Agency
  • Time Warner
  • University of Denver
  • Denver International Airport


The following list describes in more detail a few of these projects:

  • Back in the day when AT&T manufactured telephone equipment, the AT&T National Parts Center needed a database to track customer service satisfaction. To fulfill this need, they called on Colorado Computer Solutions to design and implement a dBase III database.
  • Qwest Communications (now CenturyLink) maintained a 24-hotline for damaged phone lines. Among other things, this call center kept track of the location, estimated time requirements, and projected costs for all accidental line cuts. This information was tracked through an Access database set up by Colorado Computer Solutions.
  • Time Warner, a leader in the media and entertainment industry, maintained a vast underground and aerial cabling system. Colorado Computer Solutions developed a database to track invoices submitted to its vendors by its construction department.
  • Globus and Cosmos Travel Agency, a company that offers national and international travel packages, tracks the quality of their services through customer satisfaction surveys. Colorado Computer Solutions was asked to develop and install an Access database to handle this need.
  • The University of Denver hired Colorado Computer Solutions to develop a database to track statistics about individuals who live in a housing project in downtown Denver.
  • Denver International Airport currently uses Colorado Computer Solutions to track costs associated with snow removal from its runways and parking.